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Are you limited by outdated manual processes?

Renovate your digital presence with our team of US-based digital process engineers and digital problem solvers. 

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What Makes Patch Digital Media Unique?

We build systems that grow your business.

We offer transformation. We can take outdated manual business processes to the next level. 

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How big?

Any size

We custom-tailor a solution just for you: the perfect fit, with the only technology partner you’ll ever need. Whether you're an enterprise size company with complex integration, network security, camera and phone systems, or a small team making waves in your niche who needs an amazing new website with SEO optimization, marketing automation, sales funnels, and customer service portals. We can design a solution that meets your budget and your needs. 

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Industry Experience

Any Industry

We have worked with thousands of clients from many different industries. From manufacturing to real estate, from bioscience to pathologists, we have seen it all! The knowledge that we carry across industries is a vital part of how we craft forward-thinking solutions. 

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Endlessly Flexible

Completely Customizable

Our team of designers, developers, and IT professionals work together to build you a unified system across all your teams. Whether it's development of a brand new platform, or refurbishing and integrating your existing systems, we work along side you to understand your business first, and then build solutions that meet your needs now and provide the flexibility you need to scale.

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IT Services

A true one stop shop

We understand the daily and real-life problems of business owners in the modern age. You need solutions that go beyond the Cloud. With our team of more than 60+ IT professionals with deep backgrounds in many different industries and solutions, we can handle ANYTHING your company requires to be completely digitally transformed. 

Supercharge your operation with our preferred CRM: HubSpot

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Content Management, and Operations software.

All Industries can benefit from Digital Process Renovation. With over 1250 software integrations and counting, HubSpot is our preferred choice for our customers, and we put our money where our mouth is. We use HubSpot for our own operation. Here are some reasons why:

183 %

Customers with Marketing and CMS Hub see 183% greater growth in inbound leads than customers with only Marketing Hub

74 %

Customers with Sales and Marketing Hub see 74% increase in deal close rate after 12 months

124 %

Customers with Sales and Service Hub see a 124% increase in deals close-won after 12 months

51% %

Customers with Marketing, Sales, Service, and CMS Hub see at least a 51% greater increase in deals closed-won compared to customers with fewer hubs

Owner Spotlight

Owner, CEO

Patrick Adams

Throughout my career I’ve helped companies and organizations solve problems with technology, but people have always been my priority. I enjoy working with clients who understand and love both their product AND their customers. 

When I was a child, I used to take apart VCRs and old stereos to figure out how they worked. Over the past 15 years I’ve taken that curiosity for deconstructing and understanding into building systems that meet your actual business goals. Simple as that. If it exists on the internet, we can build it. If it has a wire, we can connect to it. Let me know what cool thing we can build for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

We haven't been pigeon-holed into any one industry. We have experience with everything from biotech to emergency services, from solar panel installers to e-commerce. We've found that nearly every company out there has a set of significant common struggles that can be solved through automation, software integration, and process design. 

Websites built on HubSpot offer extra usability because in addition to looking great, they also connect directly to your CRM and other HubSpot tools seamlessly. You can manage landing pages and everything from inside the HubSpot app. This is not just a pretty website or a stand-alone website that doesn't interact with your business. This is a directly integrated arm of your business. It can live inside your business ecosystem and play a vital role in sales, marketing, operations, service, and customer relationships. 

HubSpot offers the greatest combination of integrations, cost, usability, and forward progress of all the CRMs and systems we've used. While we're familiar with other systems, HubSpot has earned a place at the core of what we do. 

HubSpot comes out-of-the-box with amazing tools. We love to customize it beyond the default settings, make custom objects, create custom workflows, create new integrations, and take your company to the next level. 

Typical Project Timeline

  • Requirements Gathering

    Gather and review every piece of the system, everything that touches it, even if it lives outside the system currently but is relevant to the operations of the business.

  • Customer Journey

    We chart out a visual Customer Journey which helps the client better understand their own operation in a way they never have. This process is meant to be conversational, relaxed, and go as slow as we need to go. This is the most important piece of the project to get right.

    This step allows us to stay on budget and deliver a top-notch system.

  • System Design

    Straight-forward: we compile all requirements and flow charts and produce a solution document which we review together to ensure that we've understood your processes and pain points correctly. We review budget and reallocate as needed. We plan the specific data migration strategy at this point. 

  • Build

    We build out the system based on the approved architecture. Continual testing is done on our end.

  • Client-Side Testing

    Users spend a few days in the system, using it as if it were live. Feedback from users and Key Decision Makers is used for any updates needed. 

  • Go-Live / Deployment

    Final data migration, custom training, client team spot checks data, and all users are activated to start using the new system.

  • Maintenance

    Our platforms are malleable. No system should be completely static. We work with you and your team to evolve and mold your system as your company evolves.

Why not

Choose the Best

Patch Digital Media is uniquely positioned to offer you incredible value at a reasonable cost. We have a wide array of experts in many fields. We are able to scale from very small clients to very large clients. No customer need is too small. We have offerings for small to enterprise clients. We understand the daily and real-life problems of business owners in the modern age. 

Sound interesting? 

If high quality and advanced features might make your operations smoother and less expensive, we really should talk.